sorakachan (sorakachan) wrote in death_note,

Light Speech Transcript?

Hey guys! I need to ask a favor of those more fluent in Japanese than I!

Okay, so, in my Japanese class, we have a project where we can do either karaoke or act out a scene in a manga, anime, or Japanese drama.

So, being the Light fan I am, I have chosen to act out Light's speech in the last episode (in cosplay and including the laugh. T'will be epic!). However...I need some help. I can't find a transcript of his speech in the original Japanese anywhere! I can only find dub or translations! So, could someone possibly give me or write out a transcript of the speech (from his laugh all the way to the point where Near interrupts with his 'No, you are just a murderer.')?

I'd like to have both a Hiragana version and romanized version, if you could. Please keep kanji to a minimum (if you must have it in there at all) for I'm only in Japanese I and haven't learned much kanji yet.

I really hope someone can help! I have to have this memorized by Thanksgiving!
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