January 1st, 2005

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Hi all, I joined this community last night, and I only began reading Death Note five days ago. Here's something that plagued my mind until I wrote it. Happy new year!

Title: Ordinary
Author: Luce Red
Series: Death Note
Disclaimer: Characters and situations are the property of Ohba and Obata, Jump and Shueisha
Type/Notes: General.  This thing came out of nowhere but virtually wrote itself, with assistance from Barry Hughart.  I'm new to this series and no doubt some OOC stuff will appear. 
Summary: Afterwards, L talks to Raito.


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[Edited as of 3 January 2004, posted 4 January 2004]

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Can somebody please tell me where to find DN scanlated into English? As in...read online. Because my computer's kind've messed up, so downloading wouldn't be to wise at the moment. The site I usually read from went down for like, a month or so. I thought it'd be back up by now...guess not though.
Idiot! They took down She Monkey with it too!
So yeah. P'n'T!
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Greetings! Fellow DeathNote enthusiasts~ I am new to this community, but not new to the DN series.

Now, what should go into this post?

Hmm...I do not have a favorite character, however I am entertained by Matsuda, who seems to receive no love for the majority of the series. L, is also, an entertaining curiousity. Geniuses generally are, no?

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Well, good day to you all! I look forward to enjoying the series with the rest of you.
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