January 2nd, 2005

  • gumii

HI HI~! I'M NEW HERE~! ^_^

hi hi~! i'm new to this community...i got all excited when i found out that there was a community for Death Note. i just recently got into Death Note and wow..i haven't been able to stop reading! hmm..i think i've been reading for 3 days..and well..^_^;; i'm up to chapter 45 already..haha. guess Death Note is TRULY addictive.

anywayz, just wanted to say hi to everyone here. pleased to meet you all! i'm upset that i didn't read DN a lot earlier...so that i could have had a chance in submitting DN fanart and hav it appear in the manga. darn..oh wellz. maybe next time. ^_^

my favorite character in the series? hmm..lol i think i have too many. i'm liking L A LOT..haha, you can even ask my friend who introduced me to the series. I LOVE how L picks up the cellphone..hahaha itz SO different and SO cool..lol. or maybe i'm just weird? i duno. hm, i think i also like Raito and Misa a lot too. the scanlator commented that he found Misa to be annoying..but i found her to be cute and awesome..haha. i duno :shrugs:

anywayz i think i've commented a bit TOO much..lol. ^__^ pleased to meet everyone!
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