January 3rd, 2005


Adult Swim+Death Note=Happy Me

Umm... Hi. ^^; First time I've ever posted on livejournal so I'm a nervous virgin. Be nice. I only found out about Death note today and I spent all day reading volumes 1-4 hosted on thespectrum.net . Of course, then I hit the end and I was all "NO!! They were handcuffed for gods sake!" So umm, is there anywhere I can get chapters 39-40? I can get the rest off wethefans but a lot can happen in 3 chapters. @.@ And now, I'm off to bed. Since I'm being so demanding maybe I can try to make a fanart. Of course school's starting again. I think I can speak for everyone with one word: UGH!
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Kingdom Hearts: Let it go.

Introduction and a SHOCKING REVELATION!!!

Salutations! ^_^ I'm new to this community, and I just got into Death Note about two weeks ago. I've read all the chapters, and I absolutely adore it. :D I love L, he's so bizarre and quirky! But, I love Misa. I don't know many people who like Misa because they say she's "annoying." I think she's adorable and cute. :) Maybe they don't like her because she "interferes with Raito and L's relationship." (Whatever. I love Raito/L, but that doesn't mean I have to hate Misa. >.<)

Anyways! Onto the real matter of the post.

Not too long ago, I came up with a startling realization of the three main characters(Raito, L, and Misa). I discovered that yes, they have human counterparts! These three all take a startling resemblance to some of my most favorite Jrockers. So this is what I think these three would look like if Death Note were a live action show. Look under the cut and see.

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That's all for now. Ja~!

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