January 5th, 2005

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Hello guys!=D

I've just finish read Death Note (end of chapter 52) and... well... I've wanted toknow if there was other chapters? The author hasn't yet finished this excellent story or it's finished and I must wait for the rest of the translation?é.è

I can't wait for knowing the rest!^^ because, it's not the end, uh?-_-' this story is so great!^___^

I hope you'll answeer me because I'm overstressed to read the rest of this story... *worries herself sick*

[One Piece] Zoro PANTSU!!!!!!!!!
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Who is 'L'?... lol (XD)

Hello there! I've just joined the community and I only recently started reading Death Note (last week, to be precise) and I've caught up with it... I just wanted to say I absolutely love the manga and I'm really glad I found this community and could join it!

I recently started thinking about something (L, to be exact, and his whole unknown identity)... I don't know if you've already discussed this, but if not... (Caution, image heavy... I think)

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