January 10th, 2005

t3h m3

. i fell out of my chair .

okay. this is a random little jewl i found while scanning through the "4chan" /b/ image forum. usually that place is filled with some much random shite that it'll make one's head spin...
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O_O;; ...just thought i'd share.
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Newbie here ! ^^)/

Hello !~
   I've just joined the community .. :D
   I just got into Death Note about 3 months ago..  only read up to ch. 40 but in Thailand, they've just released vol. 1 before the end of last year [ after published in weekly magazine for a longggg time - -" ]

   Raito is my fav character >///< He's so hot !!! and L is also cute too, hmm ^^?

   Well, I'm collect some DN doujinshi too.. But now I'm still busy with my university works [ sighh~ -_- ] If I have free time, I'll scan them and share with ya all ne

   BTW.., nice to meet ya all here ^^v


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