January 13th, 2005

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Righto, I'm on a hunt for L backstory. Which is, uh, nonexistent. But I know I've read some interesting speculation in this community, and I remember one particularly thorough person looked up England's junior national tennis championship records. Can anyone direct me to such posts? Also -- and again, I've seen this discussed somewhere, but damned if I can find it -- how old d'you think L is?
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Hi everyone!

As some people here, I didn't want to post without a "new comer" gift or something. But I don't write in english, I just can't draw, I'm bad at making icon... Yeah, I'm so gifted... XD
Anyway, I *may* have something interesting but I'm also very lazy and don't have that much time and it would be quite long to copy it so I thought I would ask first...

I have bought the manga (vol 2, 3 and 4, haven't managed to put a hand on the first yet but am working on it, lol) and between the chapters, there's a "How to use it" with all the DN rules. Most of them also appear in the manga (of course) but not all ; or they are sometimes more described.
And since it's written in english (well done for that one, Ryuuk!) (with the japanese translation of course), I thought maybe I should copy the rules and share?

If you're interested?
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[Fanart] :D

I believe it is my first time posting here, and I am still relatively new to this comm, and to the fandom in general, so umm... hi. ^__^ And I bring my very first Death Note pics for I tend to show my love for a series by totally butchering the characters by drawing fanart. :x

No warnings for them (unless you don't like the use of traditional media :D;) both of which featuring Raito.

[LINKED] to word_games. <3
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