January 19th, 2005

FFT - hokuten

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Playing around with my DeathNote again today... I can't do a perfect cosplay of Raito anymore, since I dyed my hair and it grew out, but I like to fool around ^^;;;

A sheezyart link! Yep:

Last time I posted my Raito cosplay someone told me that I was only "vaguely resembling" him and not really cosplaying... I'm trying!! I really ammmm~~

In contrast to THIS ONE I think you get this freaky good/evil image of him ahhaha ^^;;;

a picture of my deathnote :D http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v129/lawnmowerpants/raito/1.jpg

sorry for bothering~~
I came, Naomi

I'm new! ^^

I'm new to the fandom and I got addicted! @_@

My writingskills are very poor and my drawing skills also, but I plan to commend on the topics here! ^_^
Never the less I tried to draw a fanart... -_-



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