January 20th, 2005

Tea with a sociopath~♥, You'd never know he was a sociopath...!

Newly obsessed...

Yes. I'm a newly branded fan of deathnote... I think, until this series is over, I will be obsessed with this forever... I will fill up my room with Death Note merchandise and stare at my favorite pictures of Raito and L all day... Uh... Does anyone know where I can get chapters 31-33? And 53, which everyone is talking about but I haven't gotten past 24 yet...? ::spazzes:: If I don't find 31-33 before I get to them, I think I'll die... The wait will surely kill me, and I'll die an unfulfilled life... You all don't want that to happen, do you?! ::twitch:: nervous laugh:: Yeah... Anyone know of good wallpapers?

Owari. Kage. I'm just being a pain, but once I catch up to everyone, I won't be so annoying...
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I just bought this on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and I just had to show it off here XD

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Pretty neat huh?

Oh, and I can post pics of the other Death Note merchandise later, like the cups and the figurines *points to icon*, if anyone is interested (I'm pretty sure no one else has posted about that yet really, but I figured I'd ask first for safety's sake).
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Misa clone

I dunno if anyone's posted this cause I haven't really paid attention here like I ought to've in a while. Forgive me if it has. Or just have me delete it~

So, while Raito is pretty much the bastard love child of Hikaru and Isumi from HikaGo, Misa also happens to have a clone in another Obata manga.

Mai-chan, from Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon.

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Also keep in mind that since this was published in 1994, Mai's clothes were actually fashionable back then. >.>;;

So! Misa = Mai? Or it my brain just fucked up?
Kingdom Hearts: Let it go.

4 icons!

Got a few icons for you kids today. ^_^ For L fans, like myself!

>>>Death Note
[1]Raito x L

~Credit me if you take any of these.
~Comment if you take one.
~Tell, don't ask.
~DO NOT STEAL MY WORK. It makes Chibi L cry.


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Enjoy! ^_^


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a little help?

does anyone know where i can download just Chapter 3? i have .zips of all the chapters except that one, and i wanted to put them all on a disk to send to a friend. thanks in advance!
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