January 22nd, 2005

Sweet Woodruff

Fic: Remorse

TITLE: Remorse
AUTHOR: Trismegistus
SUMMARY: People change
A/N: This should have been specfic (I don't do AUs! I don't!) but I write too damn slowly. Seriously, I started this fic around Page 38. Thanks to absenceofmind for the initial beta, to amasugiru for pointing out the major plot failure (though it took me an additonal three days to catch on >.<;;;), and to takadainmate for talking me through it.

Seemed a shame not to finish it regardless of the jossing, so here Collapse )

As always, comments/criticisms are happily received.
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Hola. ^^ I usually just post when asking about chapters but I'll put up some of the icons I've made for DNote.

Teaser: 1. 2.

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And...I TRIED to post this on Jan. 1st but didn't get to soo:

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Comments appreciated. ^__^
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| one of many |

Hi! XD it's my first post in here! *bows* douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! :3 hee, no need to declare my love for DeathNote in a long para.. just want to share this link to a Korean artist's site who does gorgeous Raito x L fanworks! :D Hope the artist draws more~ XD

Hopefully this sort of posts are allowed. :p When i come across more art sites with kool DeathNote fanworks, i'll post them up here!

here-> http://doublelife.lil.to/
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Random questions and rambling...

'Alo there! ::waves.:: Yesssss, I'm yet another DN fan. I've fallen in love with the art style; I have to say it's quite unique (one of my faves). x3 I've been reading Death Note straight through since yesterday. oo;;; I'm on chapter 31 now. Yay for addiction! Eh, I have read it earlier, but at that time there weren't a lot of scanlations available so I just stopped. -__- Fufufu. Well, I still have more to read until I get to the current page release... mmm, more L goodness. :d

I'm sorry if this question has been asked previously, bu~~t... is there any chance DN will be available in the US? I personally think it's impossible due to all of text to translate, but I still have hope. e_e I'd love to actually own the manga. ^^;; Well, there's always the idea of importing it, but my japanese isn't that great... ToT

I have another question: Does anyone know of any online stores that sell Death Note merchandise? I've been looking around for some but I haven't found anything yet. I really would like get my hands on a DN poster... or something similar that I can decorate my room with. :3 It'd be nice. Ehehe, I envy all the people who can actually visit Japan~ ::envies!:: See? ~_~

Hnn, well...uh, I guess I'll introduce myself, I'm ashi. I love to draw (but I'm not too confident) and I am very appreciative about art (especially DN). >3 I wish I can contribute to this group... eheh. Well, I'll think of a way. Ah, maybe...a sketch? Yeah, that's it, fanart! Ah, here. Don't worry, it's nothing great. It's supposed to be L, but uh...yeah. -_- I would have drawn his hair more accurately (it looks more like Raito's) if there was more room. Let's just say that L got caught in the rain, ehehe. Poor boy. :P ::hides.::

Oh, feel free to contact me if you're bored, I'm always up for meeting other fans. ^__x; Uh, anyways. Sorry for all the ranting. ^^;;; Nice to meet you all!

::shifty look.:: Yeah, I think I'll stop spamming now. >X
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