January 26th, 2005

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Death Note at Fanfiction.net

Those of you who want a DN section at FF.net, they've just put up an email address to contact them about new categories. They left off what information they want, but last time I checked they want

A section and new category ( Anime-->Death Note )
To know if you've written fanfiction for the series, and if so, how many
To know if you're a member of FF.net

Happy mailing.

Er, so this is going to be another one of those annoying posts requesting something, but...

I've honestly tried looking everywhere for these, including Any Otaku and WTF, but I've had no luck in finding Chapters 39-40 (the links have either expired or don't exist), and it's kind of hard to progress to 54 until I've read those, y'know? So, I guess I was wondering and half-hoping that someone might take pity on me and help me out...maybe via YouSendIt? I could maybe promise future fanfic/drabbles, since the gods know I'm hardly an artist. ;) Many thanks in advance!

ETA: All better now! Thanks, thrice, to thegreycoin! \:D/
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My official first post, but I've got nothing important to say. I could nag about how much I like DN all day long...then again I'm too tired, so I leave to with a sketch of mine. I drew it the moment I saw L's face and got determined to put L and R together...ended up with this. No content, poor quality, but I hope you guys enjoy. Oh and no rock-throwing, small pebbles ok. Bye bye.
"Kira and L"
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[drabbles] Twenty Themes

Following jaebi_lit's example, I tried my hand at drabbling the DN 20 Themes.

Author: Keraha
Rating: from G to something not worksafe. All grouped together.
Word count: 2,000
Note: Light spoilers through the late thirties.
Disclaimer: These stories are based on characters and situations created and owned by Obata Takeshi and Ooba Tsugumi and their publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Twenty Themes

Comment at the link, please. :D