January 29th, 2005

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7 icons

Was just playing around with some stuff-- made a few Kira and/or L icons. They're not that great, but I thought I'd share anyway. ^_^

01 Collapse )

The worst part is making graphics off of the grainy scanlations-- I couldn't find a single DN gallery anywhere today. ;_; V. distressing. Everyone knows you need quality scans for quality graphics. Woe to life. Anyone have any links?
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with "Kira", that's FOUR whole names. I mean, gosh.

I'm so new to this fandom, I'm like, still shrink-wrapped. Or something. Anyway, there's something that's confusing me-- the boy's damn NAME.

So, are they saying that Tsuki/Raito/Light are all. . . the same word? I'm an English-speaker, I'll be the first to admit my language has some pretty f'ed up rules and conventions. But this. . . I mean, I think I see how Raito=Light from just accenting, but. . . yeah. ;_; Lost!

So what is his ACTUAL name supposed to be, though? Like, what would the mangaka call him, not the fangirls?

Oh yeah, and for that matter-- why does he call L, "Ryuuga"? Obviously, that's the joke pop-star fake name. The other investigators call him Ryuuzaki. Does that make any sense at all? O_o;;

(I'm really sorry for spamming like this. But it's 2:30 AM, I'm tired, and it truly has been bugging me.)

Edit: The issue of Kira's name has been thouroughly explained! Thanks so much to everyone who helped enlighten this poor schlub. ^_^ I am really blown away by how nice everyone in this community is to a newbie who asks what must-- by now-- be a really stupid question.
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Oh. Em. Gee.

Yeah, oh em gee. I sound like such a pest! I still can't find a reliable source to find scanlations that's not FTP or IRC, and I'm hoping that somebody can tell me where to download them! I'd really appreciate it if the site updated really fast and what not, because I think I'm still stuck at chapter 47! It's so sad, I know, but I really can't remember where I left off...

...your help would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!
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Eto~~~, hello


Another delurker. I would love to offer some fanrt but my scanner isn't working right now. I also suck at icon making, but maybe you can expect some fics from me. later. I'm up to chapter 54 and my fav chara is Raito/Light/whatever, but L is really cool and I understand his love for food. 

And now my demanding streak comes in: Would be anyone interested in making me a icon with L eating his strawberry cake with the following text: "LxStrawberry Cake. OTP"? I would be very grateful. Tell me what you want.

If my demand bothers you, ignore it. I know I'm selfish.

Oh and the icon isn't mine. Snatched it from okobi , I think. Can't remember the name. Sorry.

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Newbie! With a weird idea...

Hiya. Newbie here and I just wanted to post a weird idea I came up with at about 12am while reading Death Note and listening to my .Hack//Sign soundtrack. I came up with this:

Death Note X .Hack//Sign CROSSOVER! XD I was thinking, Raito could be Tsukasa and Ryuuku could be the guardian thing that Tsukasa had. L would be Subaru. That old guy name Wata...somethin would be the Silver Knight and the rest of the investigation team would be the Cerulian Knights. I think thats what they were called anyway. Raito would kill people by knowing their username, password, and what their character looked like. He could probably get access to the passwords through the Knights and etc. Thats all I thought up so far >_> What can you guys add or take away from this weird idea?
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