February 2nd, 2005

j'ai cru entendre je t--

real-life raito!

[[I really hope that this cosplayer hasn't been posted here before; I'm terribly sorry if I'm repeating anything...D:]]

Holy cowz, I swear that this beautiful Chinese artist = real-life Raito TT^TT<3

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Well, I just found out a bit of bad news for those of us who don't do IRC. We The Fans took off their downloadable chapters today because the series became too popular and the group worries about the corperates comign down on them. Tis sad..
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[drabbles] Misa/L

I was looking at 30_kisses and noticed that there's both Light/L and Light/Misa. Being the dork I am, I liked the idea of having all three main characters of DN being paired up and decided to try my hand at Misa/L. If anyone wants to really do it for the comm, feel free. I'm just doing it unofficially. ^^

Working Title: 30_kisses-- Misa/L
Rating: So far, PG13 at worst.
Warnings: Psuedo-Misa/L. 100 word drabbles.
Notes: Written using the 30_kisses themes.

Drabbles 1-9

Comments at the link, please. :D

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*sticks head in* Hello, all! I just got into Death Note...saw this community and figured I oughta join! This manga sucked me in thoroughly. I read from 1-54 in two days. @_@ I love the moral ambiguity and complicated character development of this manga; I'm also understandably fond of its art. Raito/Light is my favorite character. (This makes me feel like a bad person.) ...Listening to winamp the other day, a line from a Police song reminded me of Raito: "And they're only gonna change this place/By killing everybody in the human race..."

Ah! Also, I currently live in Japan, although I haven't been able to find any DN stuff other than the manga. Sadness. Is anyone else here livin' there? *hopeful*

Can't think of anything intelligent to say. :x I guess that's it!

/end obligatory self-introduction post