February 6th, 2005

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i think i have a question :O
how does the lifespan thing work? misa's lifespan was increased when jealous saved her from that wouldbe stalker. so.... how is she gonna die? o_O since her life span was halved when she did the eyeballs deal with rem, when her lifespan time runs out how is she gonna die? o_O like of a random heart attack? accident? ....i just don't get that...
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As my love for DN is suddenly going violent on my brain, an essay of sorts. -_-

The following assumes knowledge of what happened up to at least 53. I'm leaving out 55 and 56 because those are not yet scanlated

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That's it ^^; If I ever work up the mental capacity, you might get two other essays: "Is Raito still convinced he's doing the world a favour? If not, what is he doing right now?" und "Kira vs. L - Means, thoughts, moral stance. Are normal people just pawns in their game?". And then there's also Rem who truly needs to be treated better. Just pray I don't *laughs*

Any further thoughts of course welcome, especially since I had to cut out a few thoughts for length.

Slightly different version posted to my personal LJ
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