February 7th, 2005

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New Community!

I'm not sure if there's any rule against it (didn't find anything on the userinfo), :/ but...

rxl_fans --> Raito x L fan Community. OMG i'm so crazy! It's all paulaikari fault! I was looking for a LxRaito community and maybe i'm wrong but didn't find anything, so she told me i should make one and i had no other choise but obey her! ;_;

If you like this pairing, go and join!! <3 I've add some rules to the userinfo but it's all temporary (still working on the lay/icon). Also, I've made a colourbar to celebrate it, but have no idea how to post it, would someone please tell me the HTML or whatever i need? Thank you. :)

Edited: This community if for both pairins, LxRaito and RaitoxL, we have no problem about the roles so go and mix them up! <3

Fanart & Hope

Hello *looks around* any sadistic fangirl around here?

Because I kinda have injured L here...

Also, anyone know if Obata sensei will do DN illust book? I really looking forward to it. Because if he dose it's gonna be a lot more gorgeous than the HnG one. *hopes*

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I just had an interesting thought....

If Raito was discovered before he could kill off L, what would he do?

Stand proud and fearless while being lead away in handcuffs (without attached L)

Or maybe kill himself (How? No idea *blushes*) to spite L, to show him he chose the last action in his life, still had control over his life, that L was unable to lock him away meaning L 'lost'. What do you think? Bah, I can't even describe what I want to say...

Third option anyone?

Oh, is anybody interested in joining my new community const_critique? It's brand-new... just read the user-info and decide...</span>

roses (by iconz_kthx)

Death Note Custom Mood Theme!

Yarr, it's a Death Note mood theme. In order to install it, you'll need:

1) A paid account
2) Somewhere to host the images. You can use free image hosting (photobucket.com, etc.) if you don't mind sometimes getting little "bandwidth exceeded" tags instead of images; you can also use LJ's hosted pics service if you don't mind the occasional crashes and can work around the way it randomly renames your images. The best solution is to have your own webspace.

If you're still interested, details are here. Please direct all questions, etc. to that post.
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[WoW] - Feeding Time

Newbie post! XO


I first got into Death Note a few weeks ago, and I totally fell in love with it. My favourite character is Matsuda, because he's such a lovable dork and he reminds me of a little puppy for some reason. ♥

Anyway, as a newcomer, I feel like I should have an offering to the rest of the community. So here's a sickeningly cute icon of L:

I got the image from one of the Death Note doujinshi available at Ebay. Comment and credit if you want, but it's fine by me if you don't.

I promise I'll have something more exciting for you next time I post.
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