February 10th, 2005


short fanfic

kalikamaxwell gave me this idea.

Shortest Fanfic: Defenestrate

L ran out of sugar, so he called the case closed and defenestrated Raito from the top of the building.

fanart idea!!!

eat my sleep deprivation!!!!

DUDE! pudding!
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about the links...

Message from We, the Fans.

Though we don't mind the links being posted in the LJ community, please don't spread them around. W,tF. took down the links originally because the site was listed on 2ch, a popular Japanese messageboard, and there was a good possiblilty of it getting reported to Shueisha. We understand that not everyone is able to use IRC, that's why we make links available. If you are in dire need of them, there is a list if you register on the forums.
We don't want anyone to get into trouble because of affiliations with our scanlation. If you feel the need to spread the links, please do it privately.
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Raito colourbar!

Pardon me if this has been posted before. I searched around for a Raito colourbar, however I couldn't find any. Therefore, I was inspired to make one! This is my attempt at colourbar making so I hope it turned out alright. =D

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