February 13th, 2005

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L/Matsuda doujin "Unreachable" by Hoo Poe

I took the easy way out and just made a torrent:

If you can't connect but Love me, L, and Matsuda very very much i'll see what I can do about finding another tracker or hosting for you. I'll be seeding all day and tomorrow most likely, please help out since it's a relatively small .rar file (11 pages) the scan below is a sample page, it's sized down 50% than what's in the .rar

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Death Note Boylove Fic, Harmless

I thought I'd get a jump on Valentine's Day by posting this early, but I forgot that it's already the 14th on the other side of the world! Still:

Title: Starlight
Genre:The PG equilivent of a PWP.
Pairing: Light/L. L/Light? I honestly can't tell
Summary: AU where the case ends (?) and Light still doesn't get his memory back. A fancy party and a discussion outside in the darkness.

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Happy Valentine's! Cross-posted to rxl_fans.
Yayan can has dinner yes?

DN Items

I feel kind of embarassed about doing this but... I just got back from a trip to Hiroshima today, including a marvelous trawl through Animate there. Of course I bought more than I want/need, not to mention a few doubles, so I've just put some Death Note items up for sale on ebay. A few short doujin, but also a nifty LightxL phone/bag strap.

I figured that if anyone was gonna get them, then the people here who provided some great debates, fics and art deserved to have some warning...

There's a good chance I'll be in either Osaka or Kyoto at the end of this month and hitting another Animate store, but I'll let people know about that as plans are finalised ^^