February 15th, 2005


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Hi fellow Death Note fans~ ^^/

I was surfing around earlier today can came across this page. A huge list of DN doujins (with sample pages!!!) available *____* I just wanna get 'em all... but I can't read/understand Japanese :p

Well then, just wanted to spread the DN lurve. Oh and if this site has already been mentioned in the community, slap me silly and I shall delete this post! ^^
haru and momiji
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Death Note Icons

My first post the community, with some icons. ^_^

L (25)
Raito (11)
L and Raito (9)
L and Misa (1)
L, Misa, and Raito (2)
Misa (1)
Ryuuku (1)


I know people have made a lot of black and white L bases in the past so I tried not to make mine from the same images, but L makes such unique faces that I think I may have made doubles on accident. >.
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