February 16th, 2005



Hello, lovely community ^_^

Something happened and I have to be away from my computer for a few days. And since I'm addicted to this place, that's not so good...

Anyway, more silly art just to share, please enjoy (I hope >_<) 

"Misa Note"     (Don't worry, it's Light&L-ish, I think ^_^   Spoiler? 37&up, just in case.)

See you later! XD

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no. of people killed

I have a question for a somewhat fic-related thing.

Can anyone give an estimate (exact figures not necessary, but welcome) of the total number of people Raito is supposed to have killed off?

How about for Misia?

And is there any big difference in the numbers attributed to him by the police, and the numbers actually killed by him?

  • _ri


Hi! I'm a fresh new Death Note fan. I have read all the available chapters (btw I notice quite bunch of you like to call them 'pages'; is that on purpose?) in the last few days and I refuse to look at the apparently very devastating spoilers from a previous entry.

I have made a fanart of my favorite characters. May be shounen-ai, may be not, it depends on how you think.
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