February 17th, 2005

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My god... So much has happened in Death Note, and I have no translations for 57 raw, and 58 [bits and pieces] are out now and I don't want to look at them if I don't know exactly whats going on! ::falls into pit of despair:: Maybe I missed the entry that possible had text translations to 57, and if I did, you can beat me with a stick... But if they're here... anywhere... Please let me know so I can scour the depths of this community to find it... Just looking at the 99 comments to chapter 58 makes me wanna read it so badly, even if I spoil the hell out of myself...

::on knees:: I'm begging you! Onegai!
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What about Death Note voice actors?

Okay, picture this and please don't cry. :O

If DN WAS made into an anime and it eventually came to America, who do you think the American voice actors would be? o___o

If you have an idea of a voice but you don't know what their names are (just their character), mention it. Someone else might know. ;o
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I know this is a rather ridiculous question, but I'm curious enough to ask it anyway. XD

If Death Note were ever made into an anime, who would you cast as each character's seiyuu? Or, what type of voice do you think each character has? :3

Personally, I'm not very familiar with seiyuu, and have only a few names commited to memory, so I won't be answering. Though I do suspect Misa would have a very high-pitched and squeal-y voice at times. XD