February 18th, 2005

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Apologies for the confusions...

Sorry for the confusion caused with my hasty translation post earlier of page 58... It was a translation of a chinese translation draft found on jojohot bbs... And since i've never seen the actual raw til today, major thanks to oceanizer, there are a whole bunch of mistakes, which some of you might have already noted... and since i'm a desparate fan like most of you are, i'm going to try my luck once again today with another bookshop (the one i went to last nite is sold out *sob*) again tonite... wish me luck, and if i get it, i'll let you guys know ASAP!!

Once again, honto ni gomen nasai *bows*
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on a lighter note ^o^

Ahahahaha!!! I had a look at Nekome-san's blog today and found this :


An entirely new Death Note coupling : L/food XD!!*roflmao* This is just hilarious <3!
Make sure not to miss having a look at "giant pocky/L" ^o^!
I also don't see much of a coupling in Death Note (actually I was kind of shocked when
I saw the first DN yaoi doujin around...not because of the the yaoi [I'm a rotten doujin fangirl myself]
...it's just because I can't really see Raito/L as a coupling...not to mention L/Raito...no offense but :
get real DN fangirls @_@!) but this really made me laugh XD!!
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Light or Raito?

I've got thanks and crit for using Raito in fics in stead of Light. So... let's settle this.

Poll #440287 Let's settle this: Light or Raito?

Let's settle this: Light or Raito?

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