February 19th, 2005

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Here's the proper translation... not ^^

Okay folks, I've finally got my hands on the latest jump... and since i don't have a scan at home i can't show you guys the raw, at least not till sat'day when i get back to work...
so now i'll give you my translation of page 58 from Japanese jump mag... and wagashi san or whoever speaks japanese could check for my mistakes, if you guys don't mind, ne! yoroshiku...

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homebrewed doujinshi

In the last three days I have drawn and finished a DN doujinshi!

Type: gen
Pages: 8 (+bonus)
Medium: ballpen (no presketching, hence the um varied quality of the drawings sketches)
Drawn mostly in school. Totally worksafe!

Read: The Trouble With Chains

If someone would please be so kind to tell me in which chapter the chain thing first appears, so that I can give it a proper spoiler warning. EDIT: It's ch. 37, thank you!!
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Icons~~ Did you expect anything else?

Yosh. Chappy 58 was surprising. And a little bit weird for meh...being the fangirl y'all know I am. T_T Anyways I made some Death Note icons. All L. Sorry Raito fans...*ducks*

[4] Death Note
[1] Saiyuki
[1] Naruto
[1] Bleach
[3] Tales of Symphonia

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X-posted in my own journal.

Credit meh. Comment meh. Shoot meh. I'm in denial. *clings to L desperately* T_T
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Death note in Waldenbooks?!

Okay guys, this freaked me out. I was just browsing the manga section in the local Waldenbooks store, looking for something to buy. I go to the back and find a little area with manga in Japanese. And...Death Note volumes 1 and 4 were sitting on the shelf! I was (silently) like OMG! I asked the guy working there if they had 2 or 3 and he said they should be coming in next week.

Any of you guys been to a Waldenbooks with DN? Now I'm wondering if it's randomly in my area or what.

Btw, check my journal for icons if you're interested!