February 22nd, 2005


Translation of Page.59

<<< Warning. I'm not 100% sure if this is a correct chapter. Somebody in Japan might have made it up. But I believe this is the right one since he did the same for last week... Read it at your own risk. >>>

Geez, I attempted to translate moji-bare (spoiler by texts only, no manga), but Death Note is LOOOONG! It took me 45 minutes to translate this much :x I gotta do something, so I'll post first half now, and do the rest later...

By the way, we won't be having Death Note chapter until Jump issue 20 after this chapter :x This chapter is on issue 13, so 7 weeks of wait... x.x

ps. Sorry, it's hard to read. I don't know where to separate the pages/cells.

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DN cosplay

This site has DN cosplay photos

The site is in Korean but the links are in English so it should be easy enough to navigate...

The master of the site (sizz) draws doujinshi (Dong in ji in korean) and likes cosplaying...
BTW, Sizz is a FEMALE ^^

The site mostly has tenipuri and hagaren/FMA stuff tho....


From looking at her profile, it seems that she's a professional manhwaga.... (mangaka)... I didn't notice that before ^^;;

L fan art :3

Hello, first post in the community (I think o_O)! Just a remotely quick picture of L that I drew for a friend of mine who likes him. ^^ It was my first time drawing him, and I didn't have any reference available, so it might be a little off here and there, in which case you're free to throw random items at me. *readies an umbrella*
But, yes... Collapse )

Hope you like it. :) L isn't my favourite character (not that I hate him, either), but drawing him sure was fun. ^^


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