February 25th, 2005


hello there

Been lurking around for a bit, then totally spazzed on minachiko's post on, what else?, chapter 58. 'Cause yeah. *in denial*

I suppose this is fanart...or should I say cosplay? Though it's not me cosplaying, it is my picture. And my doll. >DD

Spoilers ahoy...[though it's a bit too late for some..;x; Sorry!!!]

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hahaha..i was bored and so i decided to make a lil comic with some scenes from DN. hope u guys and gals like it~!

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haha..wut do u think? XD first time doing this..haha, not sure if i'm allowed to..but yeah, the colored picture of Mizuki..is from Tsubame-Gaeshi.com. keke, character of PoT joining DN. ^.^

hope u guys like it..haha.
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Death Note Raws

I really hate to ask, but I can't seem to find the raws of chapters 44-54 & 57-58 (nor a downloadable version of Share), and I'm dying to know what happens. As I can't settle for translations...could anyone help me please? :3

Hope it's ok to ask.
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Sociopath Raito (link by subdivided)

While it bugs me when people declare they have certain syndromes without actual clinical evaluation (and sometimes even without it), I personally believe myself to be somewhat sociopathic ... one of the harder-to-recognize mental diseases in our world. And I think it'd be safe to say that Raito/Light is truly sociopathic.

The wonderful thing about sociopaths is that they appear to interact with the world in a completely normal way ... but their thought processes are foreign and frightening.

pretty much spoiler-free - nothing after chapter 40 for certain. Sorry if this information is ridiculously old - it was just on my mind.

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Enough Already.

I'm sorry that I have to say this, but I know I'm not the only one with this opinion...

It seems that every other entry in this community is about chapters 58 and 59, with pretty much the same old theories and questions and comments. There are exceptions (I'm still snickering about that parody), but is it possible for everyone to just shut up about it? I mean, at this point, so much has been said that everyone pretty much knows what happens and not to mention that people are spreading this around to other places. Not everyone who is a Death Note fan reads the community, and they did not want to know what happened, and were spoiled anyway. Restrain yourselves, please.

Because I know people aren't going to just be quiet about it, is it possible to pin/pre-date an entry for a couple of weeks/months that is just for those two chapters so that people can post their thoughts /theories/rants/whining in ONE PLACE, and one entry, and stop flooding people's friends' lists?

If this offends anyone, mods can go ahead and delete.
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It's DONE. Holy crap. It's finally done. I've been working on this bloody thing on and off since the beginning of the month.

Cold Trust: An L/Raito Pairing Soundtrack for the fst community.

Go. Look. Get free mp3s and pretty graphics. :3 And leave a comment or two while you're at it.

Somehow I think it morphed into a Ship Manifesto with... music. Hrm. Crossposted to rxl_fans.
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