February 26th, 2005

One without a name

Chess pieces (icons)

I figured a newbie coming in with icons that have NOTHING to do with the recent chapter would break up the monotony quite nicely.

And yes, some of the icons were thought up before I found out what happened in recent chapters. They were based on my views of the characters and their relationships.

And I like Light/Misa. It's twisted enough that it interests me.


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Guess who! Sorry about the delay. Arkadi wouldn't cooperate. -___________________-;;;


Who is this mysterious stranger with a really cute butt?
Arkadi: ...I'm a doll, you moron.
No, you're L.
Arkadi: ....

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So, I totally just spent the last three days of my life reading all of Death Note.

I love the concept and the characters, but my God it really drags for a long time in the middle there. A lot of the fat could've been trimmed, and I felt myself wondering if the Japanese can ever tell a concise story. Because man, if it ain't in the nature of manga to be absurdly and almost painfully long.

Still, despite that, a good story, and L has some of the greatest character quirks ever to be. (Do people think his dark circles are eyeliner? I am seeing that around and wondering. It never occurred to me, I thought it was just bags, or just a function of the character design to make his quirkiness and gawky nature more apparent...he seems too lazy to bother with prettyboy eyeliner...)

...but I just could not help myself. It is too ripe for the plucking. So now, take this journey with me, and enjoy...

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