February 27th, 2005


Re: Spoilers in LJ icons

With regards to hentai_satsuki' last post about carelessness with spoilers, many have mentioned-- and I agree --that it is almost an impossibility to restrain spoilers.

However, I do have one simple request with regards to spoilers, and that is to do with LJ icons. I know some of us have made icons of the recent sex kissing hugging scene between L and Light in chapter 58, but not everyone may want to know such spoilers, and LJ icons are easily accessible through comments or the user pictures page.

Is it possible if we not have such icons until some point where the spoilers are reasonably accepted to be known by most of the fans? Or, at the very least, ensure that such icons are limited only to use in spoiler discussion threads? Thanks for the understanding.
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Death Toast.

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I'm not sure how reputable this is, but a doujinshi said that Raito's birthday is February 28th (IE, tomorrow. Woahs).

Has it mentioned anywhere what his actual birthday is, or did the mangaka just totally make it up?
One without a name

Checkmate (Icons)

There are still some ideas I want to do, so there may be more.

Forgot this for my last post: Comment if taking, crediting recommended.

And forgive the spoilers. I couldn't resist.


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GSeed // Call the charge
  • naoekun

need a semi-breather. for shits and giggles.

If L and Raito both were both leaders of super powerful countries (ie, military size of china, weapons capability of The States) who's country would you rather be a citizen of and why?

be as serious/silly as you want. pwease.

as for me, I actually see L as a *more* tyrannical leader than Raito, but through more persuasive ways...so I'd feel safe under him though there's a camera in my bedroom? that and things like sweets and tea would a protected market..

..and the flag would be cooler. u.u

Edit: I change my stance (as most poiticians in training do XD) I would like to be a citizen of L's bitch!country, Matsudaland. it'll be like.. L's country, lite.

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OK, this is officially the dorkiest thing I have ever done. But I had to share.

Friday night, one of my house-mates needed a model for pictures - she was lightpainting. I agreed, and she slapped some make-up on me and did the whole shebang. It lasted well into the wee hours of the morn, about 2 am or so when we finally stopped, I promptly fell into bed.

The next day I wandered around the house in my jammies, bleary-eyed and dicombobulated. My other house-mates seemed highly amused for some reason, and then I caught a glance of myself in the mirror - the eyeliner from the night before had smeared, and was exaggerating my already large bags, giving me "panda eye".

Of course, I could not help but think, "I look like L!", and immediately begin a barrage of pictures.

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A couple of (hopefully) charming DN wallpapers

I've been lurking on this community for quite a few months, not even joining...
Ok, not even having once used my LJ account.

And now I am! Huzzah!

To celebrate my de-lurkified status and to take our minds off certain tragedies which shall remain nameless, but whose initials are Winnie the Pooh...or chapter 58...I have a couple of DN themed wallpapers I made a while ago in Photoshop.

They aren't much, but what is these days? ^^

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Yet another question from the ever-so-anal druscilloskayne

If a shinigami drops more than 1 Death Note, and all of them are picked up by a human and used, does the shinigami:

1. Have to follow all the humans who picked up each of the Death Note?
2. Have the right to just pick and choose which human s/he wants to follow?
3. Have the right to let the humans know who has each of his/her Death Note?

Atm I'm curious about who has Ryuuku's other note. At the beginning, my guess was L but now I'm not so sure.
i once thought that L/Ryuuzaki might have (or have had)a Death Note but somehow lost his memories. Because didn't Ryuuku say he dropped 2 of them? And it can't be Misa, right? Cos Misa got hers from Remu.

What do you think, guys?
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My strength (Karin)

Drabble arc

I don't just make icons. I can write too!

This little arc I'm writing spans fandoms and pairings. Basically, it's a way to show different types of love without ever, EVER saying "I love you." It's fun. I've also written a Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh, Bleach, and Slayers drabble, and will write more.

Okay, enough pre-babble. On to the fic.

Arc: Different Ways to Say "I Love You"
Title: Deadly Attraction
Author: Spinny Roses
Fandom: Death Note
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Het (Light/Misa), yaoi (Light/L)
Spoilers: Chapter 37
Disclaimer: Don't own

( Deadly Attraction (Fake LJ cut) )
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random//my dumb face

Oh please be nice! *L*

I never posted these here 'cause they SUCK but I finally figured why not? I doubt anyone's going to toss me out a window for them, and ya'll aren't generally the flamey "OMG YOU SUCK!!!" type. ^^

I'm planning on cosplaying L at Animazement this year and for giggles I did a "try out" on the costume. Keep in mind that my hair isn't black yet (I'm dying it in May) and that my makeup is CRAP. The only thing I had was glittery black eyeshadow. *LOL* CHEAP glittery black eyeshadow! And I have a habit of holding myself up with one hand when I squat, thus making me look like a monkey. I SO need to get over that. XD

Okay, be nice!

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