February 28th, 2005

Scorpio: Intense


I delurk with a gift! Its quality is questionable. (A bit afraid to post it -- the quality of fic in this fandom is exceptionable!)

Title: Er, none yet. Possibly something horribly clichéd.
Pairing(s): Misa/Light, L/Light
Squicks: Yaoi, handcuffs, bad psychobabble.
Plot: This has to have a plot?
Rating: *shrug* PG to PG-13.

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I would love criticism on this of any kind -- I know this is really ooc of L, and I want to know how to make it better.

PS: Might write a part for Light, and maybe Misa.

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Well, I don't usually do fanart.
and I usually don't do any art solely in photoshop.
But I'm lazy, didn't hook up a scanner, and decided L needed a tribute.
Unfortunatly, it looks like crap.
 But it can be viewed here:
It is also totally spoiler free. Don't be too hard on it.

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fic! *is entertaining*

Hello, bonjour, 'sup. I come bearing fic (what! never! horror! fear! not porn! woe) in honor of everyone's favorite sociopathic dork's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BASTARD.

Have Some Cake With Your Sex: A Partial List of Yagami Light's Birthday Presents

This message will self-destruct in five seconds, we shall never speak of this again, please keep all hands, feet, and other bodily extremities within the car at all times, etc.