March 1st, 2005

Sweet Woodruff

Fic - Out

New fanfic, and whoo, Nelly! Thar be spoilers for Pages 58 and 59, but don't let that scare you. After all, I didn't like those chapters either. The fic's called Out, and it resides under the Collapse )

As always, comments/criticisms are happily received.
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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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What they don't show is more interesting...

When I was first reading Death Note, and it got to when L and Raito were chained together, I couldn't help wondering- does this mean they have to sleep together too? But L doesn't sleep! Or does he? O_o;; The manga never really answered that question, and when talking about gaps and silences in a text, I think it speaks volumesXD
But I don't have any answers... just a picture I drew:

Justice Never Sleeps!

Anyone else got/drawn any pictures like this?
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not like i want to

Raito Birthday fic: Best Present He's Got Yet

*waves* this is my first post here, tell me if I'm doing something ridiculous. If it weren't for you all, I wouldn't've known yesterday was Raito-kun's birthday!

Title: Best Present He's Got Yet [L/Raito]
Rating/Warnings: L. I mean, R. For...they're teenage boys handcuffed together for chrissake, use your brain. Spoilers for something like the low 50s, but nothing plottish happens.
Summary: L has some birthday presents for Raito, but he's a little tied up. Chained up. Whatever.
AN: Written for Raito-kun's birthday! Only a day late. Thanks to ramen_addict for the speedy beta, and this is all rageprufrock's fault. how can a fandom where bondage is vanilla not be the best fandom on the face of the planet?

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hullo everyone. >_> I've been lurking for awhile...but lately I've been catching the fan art bug and drawing DN stuffs.

sooo I decided to share. :3 <--- Misa poster. >_> the comment explains it. (original sketch is here) <----- an oekaki of Raito, Misa and L. er....yeah. that is all. *ignore the strangeness of Misa*

...soyeah enjoy (hopefully?). :3