March 3rd, 2005

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everything is worksafe and spoilersafe but there is a slash warning though

I drew
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Some time ago put up a ljmeme where my friends could request pics from me, and since some wanted DN I figured I could post them here too

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I can't belive I wasted time doing some of those

Fanart: LightxL

Hello, first time posting. I'm Marie and I love this community, it's absolutely awesome!!!

My small contribution is this sketch I did after reading chapter 58. It reminded me of this U2 song that I thought was very fitting to the... occasion.

Warnings: Yaoish, probably not work-safe (bit of nudity there). Crappy, crappy quality of the image (no scanner), weird rendition of blood.

Please copy this shortcut and paste it on your browser window :)
SDCC - Kiss

DN Scanlations Needed (ch. 41-46)

Uwahh, I just finished chapters 1-40 on DN but now I have a problem, I can't seem to find chapters 41-46. Does anyone know where I can find these chapters, or meybe send me a zipfile with them? Anyone anyone? Please? ::goes through DN withdrawls::

Please comment here or e-mail me at:
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Death Note DJ

Heya! This is uploaded to geocities, sorry. ^_^;; But it's all I've got right now.

The doujin is called "Say My Name" as far as I can tell. I'll leave it up as long as I can.

It does have L and Raito smex in it, so it is of an adult nature. ^_^ Enjoy!

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[baseball] sweet lou

Random! Fic!

Because the rest of the world should be just as simultaneously horrified by and intrigued with Ryuuku/Raito as I am...I have written a short fic. Nothing really happens and there is no porn to be I trying to get you people to read this?

Scratch the earlier comment. There is an epic plot and lots of porn. Orgies even!
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