March 4th, 2005

GSeed // Call the charge

have some doujinshi!!!

------------Death Note doujinshi by Groove Tube. L stays over at Yagami house for the night. Mario Golf ensues! From "Onamae please" anthology. Torrent hosted by animeorion =P If you know how to use Yousendit, please do because i'm really tied atm.. x.x

artist homepage: Groove Tube please support~!

------------another HunterxHunter doujinshi! by a circle I can't read ^.^'' nor title I can read!! meaning. .I didn't corrupt it like the other one!! but it's cute. Basically Gon and Killua loose each other!! oh noes!! but then they find--? (from Hunter Crisis vol1... gah.. doujin coming in the mail.. hurry~~!) IT'S CUTE LIKE WAI~~!!! Lost you! found you! No artist homepage ;_; this is an old book anywhoo

....and now, a random corrupted panel, from none of the doujin above!!

ain't no shame hunta's do yo thang!

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Crappeh icons~

Woo, it's been too long since I've made DN icons >< I know everyone and their uncle is making them now, but I hope these are original vs. repetitive @@ If someone's made similar ones, my MOST HUMBLE APOLOGIES T_T I dropped off the Deathnote earth for quite some time, so I've lost contact with the new generation XD Anyways! Just comment if you take and please credit me in your keywords <3 I don't really post icons outside of my icon journal, 7th_icon_hell, so I depend on keywords for icon circulation n_n() Ok, I'm done being a whore! Enjoy them...


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Sweet Woodruff

Idle hands.

And there go another three hours of my life that I'll never get back. I should probably be shot for this, but since Death Note has been eating my brain alive recently, I figured I'd better start fighting back. Spoilers for Page 58.

( In Death Note Page 58. War was beginning. )

I couldn't help myself. Apologies now.
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j&#39;ai cru entendre je t--

L I love you D: D:

Bonjour, here's an L tribute painting I did today. If you haven't read ch. 58 yet, I recommend that you proceed with caution, but I think that kinda goes without saying for most of the posts here this past month...

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Death Note 20 Themes

Holy crap, that took a long time. o__O I started last month and I just finished today, haha. The ideas just weren't coming out nicely. T__T

Anyway, like always, I bring you crack. Spoilers? I guess for 37 onwards, but otherwise, nothing big. ^^

Hopefully other people will take on the challenge, too. XP

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Oh yes, and if you comment (please do XD), can you please comment onto my journal and not here? XP I want to keep them all in one place, haha.

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No, I don&#39;t think so.


Since my art isn't good enough to post, I give you more icons.
Some of them have spoilers for page 58
yeah, I know, everything has spoilers now.
Sorry for crossposting this everywhere. And sorry to those with slow connections; it has 200+ icons

[x] L - 7
[x] Light - 10
[x] Ryuku - 2
[x] Light/L SPOILERS FOR Page 58- 9
[x] Light and Ryuku - 4
[x] Light/Misa - 2
[x] Fuck Buddies Only Banner - 1

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