March 5th, 2005


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Hello, first post in this comm ^_^ A friend of mind showed me Death Note on Wednesday... I finished it up to where we are now late Thursday night. XD; omg it's so good! I think I got eyestrain from sitting at my computer reading intently for so long ^_^; *rubs eyes* My favorite character is L (like everyone else it seems..) but I really like Ryuk and Rem too. <3 Additionally, I hate Raito so much, but through that, I end up liking him because I love to hate him. XD; does that make sense?

You know what my favorite part of Death Note is, though? How all you guys, all the people in this fandom.... all seem to have some degree of INTELLIGENCE and DECENCY. omgwtf?!?!?! Intelligence and decency in an anime/manga fandom, and online at that? :O

Er, there's lots of smut-minded yaoi-lovin' fangirls in here too I see. Hello xD

So, anyway, for first post I have a question and content. Content first:

fanart of L and Ratio that I threw together tonight. L is just so cute (and you're right, sorry! spoiler for this first one..). and Raito looks scaaaary. XD;

Now for a question... It's kind of out there, but.. it got me thinking and I'd like to know what you all think.

If a person does not have a name, does that make them immune to the Death Note?
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This is my first post here.. *wave*
I noticed that there's not a lot of...bright DN wallpapers out there. Actually, there's not a lot of any wallpaper. So here's my contribution:

800x600 || 1024x768 || 1280x960

If the preview kills anyone's friends pages, comment and I'll resize or cut this.
Oh, and the pic is from the doujin Death Smile. <3

[edit] brush credits!: VBrush..thanks so much for your kind comments everyone. TT__TT
[edit2] sorry people...I can't reply to everyone's posts T^T But THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who commented on this. I love you guys. <3
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I was just thinking: Are there many male Death Note fans?

I'm the only one that I know, which I find surprising. It's not targeted to any specific sex, I don't think, and if I had to chose one to whom I think it owuld be targeted it would be male, but for some reason I find that almost every Death Note fan I've come accross (who's gender I knew) is a female.

The manga itself isn't really slashy either (sadly, in my opinion), except in the minds of the fans, so that can be ruled out as a turn off for men...

Thoughts? Any of you community members male as well?
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death_note's Fanfiction

Because I have too much time and no life whatsoever, I have scoured all posts of death_note since the very beginning (at least, I believe I covered all of them). And I come bearing all fanfiction posted since the beginning - with links!:

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There. Hope that helped anyone craving for fanfiction. *mutters*Gawd, I can't believe I just used more than an hour of my time looking through this community's archives... (X_X)
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Post all the weird, crazy challenges here. Anything you can think of; balloons, birthday parties, pony rides, and sack races -- I want to see it all. (And if any of you answer the challenges, put it in the comments or leave a link -- I want to read it too!)

Have fun!

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Ayee... i'm new to LJ / DN Community. But I've been stalking you guys for a while already, and I like it here XD!!

There's not much to contribute right now, ... I have nothing to discuss about DN right now, and I haven't done cosplay yet. (YET!!) But here's a litte fanart I did yesterday:

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Hello. I'm new to this community. :D Nice to meet you all~

(I come bearing a sort of odd post, so if this is off-topic, I'm so sorry!! ;-;)
I was looking through my Pictures folder a few hours ago, and I discovered the perfect human counterpart of L!!

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Any thoughts...? Or am I the only one who sees the resemblance? o_O;;