March 6th, 2005

One without a name

Misa love (icons)

And I'm back, forcing my computer to work and help me create icons.

By the way, someone has been listening to too much Yuki Kajiura and Delerium lately. Just FYI.

L x3 (variations on same picture)
Misa x6 (variations on same picture)

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cutest robot ever

.^.) New person . ... ...

.. Who has avoided reading this comm before in fear of getting spoiled, as well as having nothing to contribute .^.) Hello ~ .. and I am on L's side. =3= (gets kicked by Light's fan)

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No idea if it's been posted before.. =3= But --

1) Existance of radio drama of DeathNote o_o)..?! ---> [Ch.1]
2) Anime of DeathNote in planning? @_@ ---> [Last item listed--]

(that's all..really)
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Curious about a DN rule they *haven't* mentioned...

Is it possible to *cause* events with the Death Note that result in the death of more people than the one whose name is written down?

Say you want to kill someone who's flying overseas on business. You write, "Death in plane crash." Would everyone else on the plane survive, or would there be the usual 100% (or near-100%) death toll of the passengers?

If the accident is uncontrolled (i.e. other people die if the accident would normally kill them) in all ways other than the death of the person whose name is in the Note, could this be used as a way to kill people whose names you do not know? You could write down "plane crash" or some accident similarly bound to result in plenty of collateral damage, and the name of a person who will be in close company with the person you actually want to kill.

Like, for instance, if Light had written the following after finding out that the investigation team was working personally with L (and before joining them):

[name of person on team] Dies on [date] during meeting with Kira investigation team when building is bombed by fanatical Kira sympathizer.

...and seen if he catches L in the blast. If he specified the date, too, he could have even made an effort to keep his father from being killed by finding a reason for him not to go to work that day. (And it's additionally fun because it's not likely that anyone will look for a murderer magically controlling the actions of a murderer who's actually been caught.)

If this wouldn't work - if the Death Note can only be used to shorten the lives of the people whose names are directly and correctly written - what do you think would happen if you tried the 'plane crash' mode of death? Miraculous salvation of everyone else on the plane? Or would it count as 'conditions impossible to fulfill' and cause the normal 40 second heart atack?
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Rilakkuma Face
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I just started reading Death Note on Friday, and by mid-afternoon yesterday I finished it (or at least, all of it that has been released/uploaded on Anime Source thus far). However, I do have some questions. These questions do contain spoilers, including a big one for chapter 58, so I suggest you don't read them unless you're all "caught up" with the scanlation. My apologies if these have been asked before...I'm sure they have. >_>

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Thank you for your time!
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Chapter 58 Theory..

I know, I know! There are is so much talk and theorizing about chapter 58, that it's enough to make one brain explode, but I had my own theory about the events. I realize that since I haven't read 59, I'm at a disadvantage, so I may be totally off-base... ::Spoilers, of course::

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Fic search of sorts?

A couple of days ago, I was reading a crossover fic (Death Note and Hikaru no Go). Uh. I'd like to put it in my memories, but I can't find it again. v_v;

Raito is in a restaurant or cafe with Ryuku. Waya, Hikaru and a few others walk in and it in the booth next to them. They begin a discussion of the Kira murders. Raito listens.

If you know where I can get it, thanks. Your help is much appreciated. ;D
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Thinking Xander

More Death Note cosplay

Been lurking for awhile and I've decided to share some really awesome cosplay pictures of my favorite Japanese cosplayer, Kanata san. She's well known for her Prince of Tennis cosplay actually but her death note cosplays are awesome as well. Please note that she's doing both L and Raito on the same day. The other two cosplayers are Aoi san and Hoge san.

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They actually used wigs, thus swopping roles on the same day would be easier. I hope you guys like her cosplay as much as I do. ^^ More pictures can be found Kanata san's webbie and Hoge san's webbie.
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Edit: Wallpaper works now! :D

Hello everyone~

I made a wallpaper out of one of the cosplay pictures that was posted yesterday. It's available in 1024x768 and 800x600 Collapse )

Also, I have three LJ icons that I've made over time, Collapse )

Hope you like them!
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Can't Buy Me Love

You Don't Need Us

Hello! I've been a member here for a few days, so I thought I'd introduce myself! My name is Aubrey, though everyone calls me Maha, I'm fifteen years old and I live in Pennsylvania! I'm on chapter fifty already and my favorite character is L! *Swoon* So sexy ~.~

Ack, my dad just came in!
Me: Yeah?
Me: *Points at L* Reading! It's not like I have many friends to go out with or the motivation to do so!

So eh ^.^' My parents are becoming suspicious of this "L" I'm talking about whenever I come about. Death Note is just amazing! I have read a lot of manga in my day and Death Note has to be in a tie with MARS for first place!

Aah, and if anyone is interested in the slightest tiniest bit, I threw together a Death Note layout! Check it out if you want to!
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