March 7th, 2005



Okay, someone posted a wallpaper a while ago, which I put on my work desktop, but can't seem to find it now that I'm at home... I looked throughout the community, but I must have missed it...

Anyway, it was a wallpaper of the scene from, like, the first chapter, when Raito and L are all "I will hunt you down and destroy you! I am Justice!"

Anyway, if someone could direct me to a link for that wallpaper, I'll love you forever. ^_^.
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So today in band practice, we came up with a song based on Death note, its pretty short and pretty fast(We're usually a deathmetal band but this song was more grindcore). and the lyrics are like this

This pen is my rifle, this pen is my sword
This notebook are my bullets, this notebook is my blade
With these I have the say over survival.

Yeah it's not that good. I wrote it off the top of my head, and when we preform it you can't understand WTF im sayin anyways XD.
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Ryuuku Colorbar~ ^^

Ryuuku amuses me to no end, and the fact that he has stopped appearing so much is devastating. BUT - the tragic disappearance of our favourite shinigami asides, I have a little something to share with all of you. =)

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It's my first colorbar, so I hope it turned out okay. ^^;;

No need to upload to your own server; directlink it all you want. (X-posted at anime_colorbar)
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There comes a time in everyone's life when they grow a year older - even for our favorite egotistical sociopathic GOD OF THE NEW WORLD! (I know it's late. But it's NEVER too late to par-tay!)

Because projectpancakes is a beautiful, beautiful person, she made Raito a cake. How cool is that?

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I only wish we could have shared it with all of you.
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I´ve been a member of this community for quite a while and I´ve never posted anything, but now I will ^___^ Why? Because I just skimmed through my picture folder and I found a DN fanart of my friend secret_secret, which I want to show you XD It was drawn only (and only!) with Paint (or rather with the mouse) and deals with my L fanatism XDD Totchi is me, Panda is my friend and the rest of the cast...Well you know them well enough XDDD Enjoy! I really love the doujinshi XDDD

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