March 9th, 2005

Sweet Woodruff

Fic: Made Me Do It

I signed up to write 30 Light/L lemons over at the 30_lemons community. It's certainly a daunting task, but not one I'm jumping into with wet feet. After all, I've been meaning to write a Light and L Walk Hand-in-Hand Into the Sunset fic for ages now. Unfortunately, this is not that fic. Written for Theme 3: The Sexuality of Terror, or, "Help, I'm Out of Control, Thank God!"

Alternate ending, NC17 like woah, no spoilers beyond the first tankoubon. Not pretty. Collapse )

As always, comments/criticisms are happily received.
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aloha, so i've been watching the community for a while, but havnt actually joined because i hate introductions. but im looking for some ideas for a shirt im gonna make. i wanted to make one of them death note related, but i cant think of any good ideas! any suggestions?

oh, and i come bearing a fanart... just a sketch, dont mind my crappy scanner...

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Hey kids I doodled some.

Spoilersafe, Worksafe and Slashsafe.
( Fake Lj-cut )

This might have been done before, but it was just a stress relief since I've been doing homework all day so I needed stupidness ;3;

RxL dose

Heya again,

argh! what am i gonna do without DN for 7 weeks?? *goes hysterical*

Checked out the poster though, and it was absolutely gorgeous ^_^

Anyways, here's my newest fic, which is the sequel to my first fic: Searching The Reaper

Reapers Don't Tell

Genre: yaoi/lemon/sorta PWP
Rated R for frequent swearing and explicit (slightly violent) sex

x-posted to rxl_fans

hope you all enjoy, comments greatly appreciated *bows*
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