March 10th, 2005

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Just a short little fic...

So, it's almost 5 AM, I'm bored and not sleepy in the least. So what am I up to? I write a Death Note fic of course! Aaaaand I inflict it on you poor saps (but it's really short, so I think you'll all manage to survive) :P Anyways, this takes place right after chapter 58, and thus contains spoilers up to there.

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Thanks for reading, hope ya liked :) I'd love any and all comments and critiques! English isn't my first language, so feel free to tell me if my wording is awkward or whatever.
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Self-Intro and lil question

Hello everybody... I am new to the comunity, but due to my notorious incapacity to draw a straight line, I do not bring a fanart as a token of my love to this fandom... Sorry about that... After final's week, I'll try to jot down a nice fanfiction, that might make some people happy...


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Hey, I think someone once posted a radio drama for DN chapter 1 and then there was mention that someone had heard of ones for other chapters. Does anyone have these other files or know where I come get them?

Thanks :)