March 12th, 2005


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Are there any other Korean ppl here or ppl who can read Korean?
Cos I could tell you all the interesting blogs that I go to (where I find all the DN parodies/doujinshies and stuff)

| DeathNote fanart site |

Hey hey.. :D tis me.. I just realised that one of my favourite online artists had some beautiful DeathNote fanworks on her site!

Go to Paradox and visit her gallery. The newest 3 Colour and 2 Mono works are DN ones, and they are very elegant RaitoXL pairings. Her artstyle is just so gorgeous~

She's also an avid FullMetal Alchemist fan. ^-^

WANTED: your input for my up-coming fic!

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Now that I've got your attention ^_^

Heya, I'm working on my final sequel of the "Reaper" series, and I'd really appreciate some inputs. Only 3 questions!

1. Lights on or off
2. Do people like part 1 or 2 better?
3. (For those who have read the fics) are they really that OOC? i just got a rather toughie review today on and now i'm a bit down because of it :~( it wasn't meant to be a professional psychological piece anyway *sigh*

Once again thanks for your responses *bows*

For those interested in my fics:

Searching The Reaper
Reapers Don't Tell
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Korean Blog Links

I'll write down all the Korean blogs that I go to...
They're not only Death Note oriented and some of them don't really have much DN stuff at all:
but just other interesting stuff and other anime/manga info....
It's up to you to sort through them and figure out what's good....
If you have any questions, let me know

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Some DeathNote cosplay pics from Anime Overdose


Some pics for the members of the community. I only found three DN cosplayers: one Misa, one for L and one for Raitou. Unfortunately, I deleted my own pics of the L cosplayer by mistake but I am posting links to my friend Al's photos at (with his permission).

by Al: (you can see the rest right below the main pic so just click on them!)

Misa (courtesy of Al (Eurobeat King)at

L (courtesy of Al):

Have fun and if you want, check out Al's galleries.

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