March 14th, 2005

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So. Many. Icons.

I told you there'd be more! Icons from ch. 58. Not really spoilers, I don't think. You probably won't get it unless you've read the chapter. But yeah, be wary, just incase. Much different from my last set. I'd never really iconed manga images before, so I'm playing around like whoa.

and I will make Misa icons eventually I just don't feel like it right now

+11 L
+9 Raito

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uhm, yeah, after following this community for quite some time now, i've decided to make an appearance after all ^^;;; man, that sounds wrong. well, whatever. i'm the one with the little raito-L-totchi-panda doujinshi my friend toshiya_chan posted here a while ago =^.^= well, just wanted to tell people i really love death note and maybe ask all by the way if someone knows fanfiction-sides on it... i once had one or two but i'm not able to find them anymore in my chaos named computer oO if someone can help me, i'll worship you forever O_O so long then...