March 15th, 2005

N&White :: I don't want this weekend to
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Hey, it's not icons this time!

This time it's a fanart and two wallpapers! Oh yes I'm going all out in this fandom! <3 And it's all about L, once again. :)

L on a pink Post-it note! My first successful drawing of him! Or at least the first one I liked. Based off an image in the manga, cuz I loved his expression. :)

Orange L wallpaper. Image is from the manga. He looks so cute. <3

Blue L wallpaper. This one's my desktop. :) He actually has eyebrows in this picture. It's funny, it's like after that panel his eyebrows receeded into his hair and never came back. X3

And for the benefit of those with larger screen resolutions: both wallpapers in 1600x1200. :)

Also: I have an L layout up at my journal (oh should mention it works best in Firefox), and I'm thinking about making a Death Note mood theme. Would anyone else be interested in it once I finish?
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N&amp;White :: I don&#39;t want this weekend to
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Ok, now the icons

Ch. 58 again, and these are more spoilerish. So, once again, be wary. Then I'll stop making icons of this chapter cuz it breaks my heart.

+3 L
+3 Raito
+8 L/Raito
+1 Group

( More? )
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Fanfics and speculations and stuff

So I finally wrote something that I had enough confidence in to show to a big audience. This was written as part of my answer to the Death Note 20 themes challenge, but that's not important. Some idea got the better of me and distracted me from sleep, and I thought, what the heck, I'll just hammer it out and see how accurate I was.

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Comments all welcome. meep!