March 17th, 2005

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I've seen iPod character icons floating around and figured I'd be a little sheep. Baa! :) So, Death Note iPod shadow dancers!

Characters included: Raito, L, Misa and Matsuda. Someone you like missing? Tell me who and I'll make one for them!

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Oh, and happy St Paddy's Day~!
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I'd like to invite you all to join jump100, a drabble community for all the Weekly Jump series, which includes Death Note. There will be a rotating weekly challenge, but any and all drabbles are welcome (as long as they're for a Jump series)! The first challenge is already up (it's a little weird, but hopefully interesting?), and the clock's already ticking.

Cross-posted to weeklyjump, hikarunogo, eyeshield_21 (for the moment, anyway).

[Oh yes, I forgot to add in this particular iteration that this community was in a large part inspired by the wild success and utter coolness of the DN-specific drabble community, deathnote100 and has pretty much stolen the entire concept and run away with it. If you haven't joined deathnote100 yet, why not? ^_^]