March 18th, 2005

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A picture the first time posting. Haha, be gentle. I threw this together in about ten minutes and didn't bother to clean it up too much. Spoilers for the last couple chapters. A little yaoi? Work safe.

I reminded myself that I'm not meant for fanart with this.

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Spreading the Death Note cosplay luv ^.^

Today, secret_secret and me (toshi_hakari decided to join the Death Note cosplay fever and cosplay L (secret_secret)and Raito (toshiya_chan)! ^.^ I think, that secret_secret is one of the best Ls in the world *____* (although she thinks that her hair is too short for it) And I´m very sorry that my hair is so long and that I´m a very crappy Raito...But I hope that our next pictures (which we´ll take in summer) will be better and then, I´ll have shorter hair >___>

But enough rambling, on to the picture-goodness ^.^ btw. to be safe: There are spoilers for chapter 58 (only for one pic)

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man, we were laughing through the whole shooting... and it was so hot too O_O ...especially for raito in his suit... but i guess it was worth it. so, hope you like it ;)
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Looking for a satisfactory explanation for something that happened ages ago

Just spent the last few days reading all the entries posted in this journal from end of January this year. I'd go back further, but there is something on my mind that has been bothering me.

The version of Death Note I've been reading is a chinese one and I want to see if I read this right: when Jealous extended Misa's life by killing her would-be killer, he died and his remaining lifespan was transferred to Misa. Considering that he was a shinigami, doesn't that mean that Misa has a really long lifespan now? Or am I reading it wrongly?