March 19th, 2005

Riku 戮 - Phantasmagoria

There're so many people who would make the world a better place by dying.

You'll never guess what I found in Osaka today...

Death Note

I was in Den-Den Town (the electronics-district in Osaka), so I decided to drop by K-Books and see what Death Note fan books they had in. While browsing through the doujinshi shelf, I happened upon one called "Rebirth Note" that looked a little thicker than the others...

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I turned it over, and saw that inside the plastic packaging, there was another, thin black notebook inside, with DEATH NOTE engraved on it in silver lettering. It was an exact replica of the one in the manga, right down to the black border on the spine. It even has the "How To Use" instructions written on the inside cover, and the additional rules written on the inside of the back cover. Then of course, the rest of the notebook just has a bunch of lined pages in the middle to do your dirty work...

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The best part about this was that it was only 420-yen (~$4)... for the doujinshi AND the manga (I basically had to buy the doujinshi to get the Death Note...) I honestly would have spent like, up to $20 on the notebook alone ... yet some how fate just put it on that shelf for me today (it was the only one they had left too x_x)...

Hmmmmm.... so who were all those L-lovin' Raito-haters on my list again...?

Just a sec, let me write that down. >D

Now that I have the notebook, there's no turning back. I am DYING to do Raito cosplay now....


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