March 23rd, 2005

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teh newb.

'Lo there. I'm Sakura, a newbie Death Note fangirl. I figured to start out with an attempt at intelligent discussion.

I'm a big psychology buff, and Raito strikes me as being extremely sociopathic/antisocial. The best article I can find on the subject is here. Do you think he qualifies? Why or why not? Does he strike you as having another personality disorder? Let's discuss.
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L is obviously using the 7-week Death Note hiatus to get some other roles under his belt and expand his career. Here be screencaps from where he guest-stars in Samurai Champloo episode 22.

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You get yer choice of discussion place - my journal for spoilery stuff, this post in the community for non-spoilery stuff.

Click HERE for discussion involving spoilers for chapters 58 & 59 and Samurai Champloo episode 22.

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hi ya'll i have a request! i've been slacking on my death note updates and went to go catch up on them today and damned if i haven't lost my link to the scanlation site! ::cries:: could anyone please help me? i think i was using wethefans or something like that
thank you very much!


Oh Gods of Death... not another NOOB!

Hey I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. My names well, evident... ^_^.

I actually just started ready DN 3 days ago and finished it earlier today. I found it to be hard to stay away from my pc during the daywhen I was home so I just had to finish reading it. Lets just say... I was not happy when I found out that they're taking a little break. I think my pc is breathing easier now that it knows I'm not going to throw it out the window anymore. >_<

I'd just like to thank telophase for telling me about the manga and this community!
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