March 25th, 2005

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Welcome The Newbie!

Mmmyes, I just joined ._.! I have no idea how to do the thing... where you put a link to somewhere else in the entry. Can someone teach me xD?

>_> Mmyes... I'm the very same Vahn on we the fans. ^_^ And yes, that is Raito in my icon (from one of my zillions of random oekaki).

Okay, so, I'm here to terrorize me... I mean... you.

._. *stalks*
Sweet Woodruff

Fic: Ambivalence

And here is my second entry to the 30_lemons community, for Theme 18: The Mile High Club. It takes place directly after the events of Page 38, although there are no real spoilers. Rated R to NC-17, because I'll be damned if I know where the cutoff point between the two is is. Anyway, let's move on to the fic, ( shall we? )

As ever, comments/criticisms are happily received.
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Something I read on a Korean site....

It seems that in Korea there was a telemovie(?) kinda thing a few years ago that had a similar story to DEATH NOTE.

A Jeoseungsaja (similar to shinigami but not quite. This is the person/spirit(?) that takes dead souls to hell) gives a regular HOUSEWIFE(!) a special notebook.
If you write someone's name in the notebook, they'll become VERY ILL (not dead yet -_-;;) and the more you write the same same person's name, they'll get more ill and eventually die.
The woman used the notebook to make ppl she didn't like ill.
One day, her son finds the book and practices writing HIS MUM'S name in.
He shows his work to his dad and the dad realises that the son spelt the name wring and teaches him how to write it properly.
So the mum ends up as a vegetable.

I haven't actually watched it...
But I just thought it would be interesting for ppl in this comm to read,
since I read this on a Death Note fanclub-page as well
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Bang...and rotate it like this...L!

Heh heh heh. I made a new icon. ><;

And hello to everyone at the Death Note community. :3 Gah...I'm still so in love with DN. ><; But but...L...Nuuuuuuu. ;_;

Can't wait until we get our little Death Note group together. XD It'll be awesome.

I wonder if burnt cookies of love will come from L's pants or Raito's? XO (inside joke..lmao! XD)
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