March 27th, 2005

happy days are here again

So... hi.

Hello. I've been lurking for a while now, and I just decided to post. I'm up to chapter fifty-something, and I like Raito, L, Ryuk, Reiji Namikawa(Shut up, he looks amusingly like Sai and he's bishounen), Shingo Midou, and Matsuda.

Anyway, I have a few questions:Collapse )
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No, I don't think so.


Death Note:
[x] Misa and Light - 1
[x] Misa - 1
[x] Light and Ryuk - 3
[x] Light - 4
[x] Light and L - 8
[x] Matsuda - 1
[x] Lights Dad - 1
Starfuckers Songset
[x] Set - 23
[x] Extras - 4
Friends Only Banners
[x] Light/L [variations of the previously posted one]- 2

I suppose light spoilers for page 58? They don't seem too bad and such.

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L Cosplay

AniZona just ended and it was muchly fun. Sadly I was the only L cosplayer there. Not to mention I was the only Death Note cosplayer. The shirt I was going to originally used disappeared on me, and so we had go get one. Of course, my luck being the worst, the place we went to didn't have a plain white one, so I had to use the knit top one in the pic. It was a girly shirt, so I snapped it all the way up (there's lace under there). XD

Collapse )

Anyways, it was fun, tho no one recognized me. I only found a Death Note doujinshi in the dealer's hall and that was all the Death Note merchandise I found. One dealer said they were holding back the DN stuff coz they didn't think it would be popular. T_T
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