March 29th, 2005

COSPLAY: Squall@miiol
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Death Note cosplay and... colouring sheets!

Hello! It is another cosplay post. (^^);; Recently kamikazefish and I attended Minami 11 as Raito (Light) and L. Not only from "Death Note" but from "Death Bus" doujinshi (As schoolboys). We've posted cosplay before~ (last year) so sorry for the spam! (>3<);; We also forgot to take photographs ourselves because we were chasing a hotel chef that looked just like Chief Yagami, so these are shamelessly stolen from friends, or people who sent them to me! I hope you enjoy it! (And I'm sorry about my big fat L head--!! ^^;;)

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Sorry if it's too spammy; I'll delete it if it is!! Thank you for reading!
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okay a while ago christi_morelei mentioned that some Death Note characters may look like these j-rockers *points down* well here are some LJ icons for those "live action" Death Note guys ^^

Gackt is Raito Miyavi is L Misa is Kana

and for some special people:
Tarou is L yup yup ^.^ can't forget him.
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roses (by iconz_kthx)

Death Note Fan Geography

Ok, remeber the gender poll reunion posted a while back? Well, I was wondering about geography.

Death Note fans, where are you from? This can be either where you are living now or where you originally came from, whichever you feel best identifies you.

Poll #464190 Death Note Geography Poll

I am from:

West Europe
East Europe/Russia
Africa/the Middle East
Central or South Asia
East Asia
Southeast Asia
Central or South America (or Mexico)
United States (East)
United States (South)
United States (Central)
United States (West)

To be specific, I am from (country):

And also:

English is not my first language.

EDIT: Ahaha, I suppose the I am from (country): question could also be a state or province or autonomous region, if you want. Just try not to be too specific.
Sora nostagic


Hey everyone... *pops out of lurking* I know people do this all the time, but I got my hair cut a few days ago, and then I found an old eyebrow pencil... it was all down hill from there, so lookie! I is L-sama!

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L's Real Name

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PS: (totally unrelated topic) I suddenly had a thought that The Rasmus' song "In The Shadows" is a perfect song for the series. *has images of RxL brainfucking like mad and the song banging loudly in the background*
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