April 1st, 2005


I want Death Note L/Raito Doujinshi!! I don't care if it's in japanese english or whatever I just need to know where I can find it! I... Can't... Find... It.... >.< ppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee
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I came, Naomi

I'm selling a DN pencilboard from the Jump Festa

I am in need of money so I decided to sell my Death Note Pencilboard and an L sticker from the Jump Festa.
It's very rare you could only buy it there. Since I'm from Europe shipping will be like 3$ without insurance to America. It may be cheaper, but this depends on where you are from.
I will make a LJ auction today and the one with the highest bid will get it.
The comments will be hidden.
You can pay viva Paypal.

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The auction will start today and I will end it on Sunday.
So, come to my LJ! ;)
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Patrick - Dark eyes stare

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*dies of Death Note deprevation* Thank god for the fandom.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...Raito's SO confident. *pokes icon* I need more material to make these things. >__< *icon-makin' skills have long since DISINTEGRATED*
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Cosmic Graveyard ~ Another wallpaper

I tried my hand at colouring Light and made a wallpaper with the result. The branches in the background actually come from this book I have of Japanese patterns. These days, everyone seems to have a different resolution and it's hard to know to which I should make it. Mine is 1280 x 1024, so that's where I started with. More wallpaper can be found on my wallpaper site^^;


1280 x 1024 | 1024 x 768

By the way, I would like people's opinion on the white space at the bottom. Should I colour his pants, maybe with a crazy pattern a la Gankutsuou, or should I leave it as Obata had drawn it?

EDIT: I went back and coloured in his pants. I hope it doesn't look weird... Thanks for the great input people!
No pants

Hello. My name is BattleJoy, and I am a Death Note Addict.

Hello, new member here.

I was dragged here by a couple other members. When they told me about Death Note, I was hesistant at first. No offence but some descriptions had all the red flags of slash fodder and not of plotline. Then again they only squeed over "bishies" and "chains" so it's understandable.

But Hallelujah! I have seen the Light! (I know. Cheese pun.)

Now I'm already slated to cosplay as L at ACEN and have done 2 fanfics. Death Note just takes me back to my early years as an angst writer, arguing psychological profiling with my sister, and being a sleep deprivation junkie.

I swear, my hand twitchs towards "The Evil that Men Do" and "the A to Z of Serial Killers" sitting on my shelf at home every time I get an itching for writing now.

Anyway, I'm a fairly established fanfic author. And I've come with a couple of pieces. (I had a completely different direction in this piece that kept on getting twisted and changed. I had to even split the pieces at one point. The first idea had an actual graphic character death. Oh well. Another time then.)

Assumption and Alone

By BattleJoy

Genre: Surreal/ Horror and Horror

Spoiler warnings: Up to Chapter 59

Other warnings: Character Death Allusions (Non-graphic)

Pairings: Er… the pairings is pretty secondary but… L/Misa, Misa/Light, and if you look hard enough, L/Light.


Oh yes, if you can, please review.