April 2nd, 2005

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Misa & Matsuda icons!

Ok, I've pretty much fixated on L and Raito for the past few batches, so now for two, um, minor characters? Well, Misa's not so much a minor character as she is just introduced later. *ahem* Yeah, anyway, icons:

+10 Misa
+5 Matsuda

03 14

( More? )

Oh, and one L:
Someone inspired me to make this, but I completely forgot who. ^^; But, this one's for you!
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manga icons

Alichino - 17
Death Note - 25 [includes Light/L; proceed at your own risk]
FLCL - 18

I'm still trying to get the hang of icon-designing . . . so yeah, they're not too polished. ^_^; Hope you like some of them anyways.
1. Do not direct-link.
2. Link to sarj_hoshino or exsanguinatus.net/stuff
3. Comments would be highly appreciated. =)

( gradients galore and too much variations )

Credits: Square Pretties, Project 0
( + an "L" screensaver X3 )

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First post!

Hi all!

I'm new to the world of manga--very new, actually, as I just read chapters 1 through 58 of Death Note last night. (All in one sitting. My head still hurts.) I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but where can I find scanlations of the chapters after 58? The site I was using only goes up that far, but I take it from some of the comments here that there's more to it.

Sorry for the silly question and thanks in advance. :)

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