April 3rd, 2005


DN fanart

I put this person's page up before (about cosplay)
But this time it's DN Fanart(?).
It's actually a sample of stationary that the person makes to sell at anime/manga conventions in korea...
And it's SO CUTE ^^

At the bottom of this page!

ariel and comb

Death Note Manga

I don't know if anyone has posted this link but I thought it might be very helpful to some of you.


It has all of the chapters up to 59. The rest of the chapters have yet to be released because the people doing the translations are on a break. They will start again around mid or late April

I have a question if anyone could answer it. Does anyone know exactly how many manga there are total in Japan?
ariel and comb


Sorry for double posting but I just made this and had to share:

Death Note is Homicidal Love

Save it to your own serve and then fill in the IMG SRC part so it will connect to yours. Please leave me a note if you take it so I know where it is going. Thanks!

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okay now I figure that Raito has a Gollum thing going on, there's the evil 'kill everyone with my handy dandy notebook' Kira side and there's the 'we have to stop Kira at any cost, what he's doing isn't right' side. Anyone else find them selves rooting for him then wishing to kill him?
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