April 6th, 2005

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Just posting to alert you to the existance of these rather fetching figures I just came across on Yahoo! Japan. I must say, the one on the left certainly got a "wtf?" outta me.

Could this mean possible L and Light figures in the future? Hmm...

EDIT: HAHA. The picture on the left? THAT's what happens when Ryuk doesn't get his apples. But it's actually from the parody, available at DeathNote.org (thanks bunnychan)!
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My name is Kaijou and I will be cosplaying as L at Sakura Con on Saturday. I've decided I'll make a sign that says Panda Love on it So if you see me and want a picture I'll be more then happy to oblige. Also if anyone here will be attending Sakura Con please tell me who you're cosplaying as and I'll look for you ^.^
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kurosaki ichigo [bleach]
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raito x misa fanlisting

because i am shameless...

i'm plugging sacrifice, the raito x misa fanlisting! ^^ if you are a fan of their relationship -- be it friendship or romantic -- please consider joining! ^__^

thanks! XDD

ps. the death note fanworks archive is in the works -- will let you all know as soon as it is online ^__^ and i'll also be bugging those who volunteered to help >D
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brilliant luck - request for material

Hello! My name is Wingdance, and I'm collecting material for a fanzine I'm creating called 'Brilliant Luck'. The first issue is going to cover anime, manga, webcomics, and videogames that fall under the genre of Psychological/Suspense. Since Death Note is one of my favorite manga, I'd like to have material related to it.

Collapse )

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Since I'm currently accepting material related to Psychological/Suspense, material related to things other than Death Note is welcome. Material that falls under genres other than Psychological/Suspense is also welcome, although you must keep in mind that it can't be published until Brilliant Luck publishes and it's been out for at least thirty days.

Even if you don't want to submit to the magazine, you can subscribe by writing an e-mail to brilliantluck@gmail.com with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the header.

Comments and questions are welcome. Thank you very much.
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