April 8th, 2005

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In reference to the last post about the Death Note anime rumor.

Thought 1: ZOMG! Excitement.

Thought 2: What voice actors would you all like to see play who?
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Possible actor for Light / Raito

I don't know about you... but having watched the... live action sailor moon show (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon), I have to honestly say that the actor for Tuxedo Kamen / Mamoru Chiba would make a perfect match for Raito / Light in both mannerism, and appearance.

The actor's name is Shibue Jyoji. Go here to see Shinue Jyoji's profile page.

You can download the anime via torrents here - Anime Suki - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

And for those curious, you can see Tuxedo Kamen's first transformation with this episode - Sailor Moon - Live Action Act 0: Mini Drama 1. And yes... he really is psychotic. ^_^;;;
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Hi, I'm new here

I'm really looking for a help. I've been searching for a high quality DN scans. I don't care if they are raw or translated. I checked all links already, but no luck. Maybe someone can tell me if it's possible to find at all or help with searching...
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DN callage/parody


You guys are really awesome, sometimes I have trouble keeping up! XD Um, I started an art a long time ago and only now bothered to finish it.

It's here :)
And a smaller colour version is here.

Sorry it's really lazily done! *fishlips*

As well, I have this, which was just me being stupid :( :D

Thank you for looking.